Corporate Social Responsibility

    Janata and Sadat both have complete infrastructure facilities available for the Employees. These include residential facilities for a substantial number of the workforce.

   Janata has a Medical Center with 2 Resident Doctors.

   Janata has it’s own School – “Janata Adarshya Biddyapit” for the children of the employees and of the local community. Its results are exemplary. In the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination in 2003, it was adjudged to the 9th best School under the Dhaka Board.

   Eye camps, in collaboration with Lions Club, was organized in 2008 & 2011 at the Mill premises. At the same time primary Dental Care was provided to a large number of workers and staff.

   The founding Managing Director of Janata, late Mozammel Huq had set-up several Trust Funds for meritorious and poor students:

  - A trust fund of Tk. 20 million has been setup to provide scholarships for the post-Higher Secondary Certificates (HSC) students from the Narsingdi District.

  - Another trust fund of Tk. 0.88 million has been set-up to provide scholarships to the best students of “Janata Adarsha Biddyapit” school every year.

  - In addition a trust fund of Tk. 1.0 million has been setup to provide scholarships to the best three students of every class of “Faridpur Zila School” every year.

   In addition, Janata and Sadat have been contributing 5% of its gross profit to the Workers Profit Participation Fund (WPPF).

   In 2004, an Employees Welfare Fund was set-up to the amount of 5% of the basic pay of all its employees which is entirely funded by the Mill.