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Janata Jute Mills Ltd.

The above mill was established at Palash, Narsingdi in 1967; which is approx. 50km to the North-East to Dhaka. It covers an area of 45 acres. In 1969 mill No. 1 was set-up. Its produces cloth, bags and geo-textiles then in 1985 mill No. 2 was set-up. It produces jute yarn/twine, Jute ball, mini spools & other Jute diversified products. After In 1996 mill No. 3 was set up. It produces Jute yarn/twine and in 2000 mill No. 4 was set-up. It produces jute yarn/twine, coated yarn, cable yarn,
binder twine, Jute ball, tatami yarn and other diversified jute products. After that 2004 mill No. 5 was set-up. It produces special Hessian fabrics for the Linoleum industry & horticultural uses. In 2008 mill No. 6 was set-up. Its produces non- woven felt, using process waste. In 2016 Effluent Treatment Plant was set up. It’s capacity to treat waste water up to 20-meter cube/hour (equivalent to 10 m. tons per day of our dyeing process). After in 2022 Ex. Partex Jute Mills, Dobra, Boalmari, Faridpur was acquired by Janata Jute Mills Ltd. It’s producing jute yarn/twine & Weaving.

Sadat Jute Industries Ltd.

The above mill was established in 1985 at Debidwar, Cumilla, on the Dhaka- Chattogram Highway; which is approx. 85km to the South- East to Dhaka. It covers an area of 17 acres. In 1986 mill No. 1 was set-up it produces Jute yarn/twine. Then in 1994 mill No. 2 was set-up, it also produces Jute yarn/twine. After that in 2001 Processed Fiber Unit was set-up. Its processed fibers for non- woven application in the automotive and furniture industries. Again in 2021 Mill No. 3 was set-up. It produces jute yarn/ twine.


Simpletree Lighthouse, Plot # 53, Road # 21, Block # B, Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh.

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