Research & Innovation

Janata/Sadat has been working closely with the Carpet Loom Manufacturer – Van de Wiele, Belgium, from the 1980s. We have been their research partners during development of the following Looms:

  1. 1995: CRM looms in ITMA Milan, Italy.
  2. 1999: CRT looms in ITMA Paris, France.
  3. 2003: CRX looms in ITMA Birmingham, England.
  4. 2007: CRP looms in ITMA Munich, Germany.
  5. 2011: RCI looms in ITMA Barcelona, Spain.
  6. 2015: RCE looms in ITMA Milan, Italy.

Janata/Sadat has also partnered with Carpet Loom Manufacturer, Schonherr (ITMA, Munich in 2007).

Janata participated in the Heimtextile Fair in Frankfurt in 1998 with the Norwegian Aid Agency (NORAD) to promote its diversified Jute products.

Janata displayed a range of diversified products in Jute Diversified Product Fair in Dhaka in 2004 & 2005, organized by the Jute Diversification Promotion Centre.

Janata was chosen as the ‘Model’ Mill in 2003-04 by the National Productivity Organization, to implement a Project under the Asian Productivity Organization – Japan Productivity Council’s Member Country Support Program in Bangladesh.

Consultants from the Confederation of Indian Industry carried out “Energy Audit” in 2004 in both Janata and Sadat in order to increase the efficiency of energy consumption of the Mills.

Janata was chosen as a participating Mill in a Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) Study Team sponsored Productivity Improvement (KAIZEN) Project in 2007-08.


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